Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greater or Less Than

Today was a much better day! Sorry for the whining yesterday. We started our plant unit and planted seeds today. Even though it was still bad weather and we had to get messy inside with the dirt and all, my kiddos loved it and they were pretty well behaved.

In math we have been reviewing a lot. Some of the time we spent with greater and less than. So here is a little activity I'm putting in Math Stations for more practice. Very easy, hardly any prep. You roll 2 dice to make the numbers. We used 10-sided dice but you could use a 1-6 especially in the beginning. We also had one player roll one dice and the other player roll the other dice and together they decided what the number should be. We talked about cooperation and playing together. It worked well. If you'd like a copy just click HERE.

P.S. to my post yesterday on 10 more 10 less (click HERE to read it) about why it went better this year than other years. I think because of two things. I taught 10 more 10 less after a very big place value unit. More of the kids understood tens and ones in a number. Also, in the debrief portion of the lesson yesterday some of the kiddos noticed the patterns (34-44-54) and that the tens place had changes by one. This was a BIG ah-ha for some of the firsties.
Anywho, I hope you have a great Thursday tomorrow.
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Mrs. Anderson said...

This is perfect timing...I just introduced the comparison symbols for great than and less than. This activity will be great practice for my kids. Thanks so much for sharing it!!

Michelle Griffo said...

Thank you for sharing! We are doing a plant unit too!

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Fredia said...

Thanks Sheree!!! We used your ten more ten less activity today. I had the kids use base ten blocks to build the numbers, and then take away a ten or add a ten depending...lots of ah-ha's for us too:)

Sandra said...

Great math ideas. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower. Please stop by and visit sometime.
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Dawn Hilburn said...
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Dawn Hilburn said...

Thanks so much! This will be great review in math centers and I also got a copy of your 10 more, 10 less!

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Courtney @ said...

Thanks! We are using this for review today!