Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 more 10 less freebie

So Sunday I'm walking out of church and standing there in the hall was Jonas from Survivor! Yeah, can you believe it.  I knew he was from Lehi but I didn't know he lived just a neighborhood over from me. When I saw him  he said hi and I said hi back. But I couldn't figure out where I knew him from. As we were walking away my hubby asked if I knew who that was. No, I can't place him. He really looks familiar, like someone I've talked to this week. Hubby couldn't place him either. Then my son comes up behind us and tells us it was Jonas. Oh my heck. I wanted to turn around and go ask him a bazillion questions about Survivor because I am a BIG survivor fan. I hope I see him next Sunday. I'll have my list of questions ready! lol

On to school things. My kiddos were so naughty today! I hope I can last 31 more days. It rained and we had an earthquake drill. So that didn't help. Our butterflies have all hatched so they are soooo excited about that. I had to raise my voice a few times today to get there attention because my mic batteries were all dead. Tomorrow my batteries will be charged, it's not suppose to rain, and we are setting the butterflies free. So hopefully we will have a better day!

We worked on 10 more 10 less today in math. It went really well. This is such a hard concept but we pulled out the 100's charts and really dug in. They really surprised me how well they caught on. In years past it seems like half of them just don't get it. We did a little activity after the lesson and I'm putting it in Math Stations for more practice. It's hardly any prep. We did it together at first so I gave them the numbers instead of picking a card. The cards are for the Math Station. Grab a copy if you think your firsties need the help. Just click on the picture.

Well, I hope your day was better than mine. And I hope tomorrow will be super for us all.
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Unknown said...

I am sorry you didn't have a great day : (

Tomorrow will be much better

I just leaving a bit of love to let you know I love your blog and all of your freebies

Ms. Patterson

Mrs. Anderson said...

We've all had days like that when our kids are naughty! I'm sure tomorrow will be better. Thanks for the freebie!! Love your blog!

Shelley said...

It's nice to know that even the best of teachers can have tough days with kiddos. It seems like anything out of the normal routine just throws everything off. Thanks for this fun game, I will definitely be using it this week! We have been studying the 100 chart in math.

Unknown said...

First Grade Blue SKies

Little Priorities said...

We are working on this skill right now too! Thanks for sharing.

I have quite a class this year so I can totally relate. I've tried to do a lot more brain based activities to keep my kiddos going. The more they are doing the less trouble they get into.

Little Priorities

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

Totally love this and will be using it with my firsties. Thanks for sharing!!