Sunday, April 29, 2012

What is it?

Is it a porcupine? A headhog? Hedgie?

No, it's Mort the hedgehog!
Mort came to visit our classroom on Friday. It was so fun for my firsties to see, feel, and watch a real live hedgehog! (Even when he peed) 
And not to mention, I thought it was WAY COOL too!
My granddaughter Tiffany is one of my students and her Aunt Nikki has a hedgehog for a pet. After reading several Jan Brett books through out the year, I realized none of my kiddos really knew what a hedgehog was. So Nikki was gracious enough to bring Mort for a surprise show and tell. I loved watching the kids reactions as they petted Mort and learned all about a real hedgehog. Great motivation for writing. The kiddos are really excited now to write what they know. 

I hope you're having a fun weekend! 


Unknown said...

That is so cute!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. Anderson said...

I wish someone I knew had a hedgehog as a pet! I've always wanted to hold one. I love Jan Brett! She has a great website.

Tammy said...

Mort is pretty cute. I wonder what he thought of all those first graders?
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Barbara said...

I LOVE your little hedgehog. those guys are the sweetest!

Grade ONEderful
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