Monday, May 19, 2014

End of the Year!

It's hard to believe there are less than 2 weeks left of school. The year has whizzed by so quickly.
This is such a busy time for teachers with testing, end of the year programs, portfolios, grades, etc. etc. etc.
But it is a favorite of mine because it forces me to reflect on how much and how far we've come. It also comes with mixed emotions of saying good-bye to my precious little ones but hello to my beloved summer sanity.

I made my going away gifts this weekend. I got a cute idea from Pinterest with the crazy straws and Kool-Aid. Then I always give my kiddos a book.
If you'd like to grab a copy of the 'KOOL' tag click HERE.

 Every year I snap photos of all the things we do in class throughout the year. Then I put together a DVD for each of my students. I add our favorite songs and there you have it- The Class Memory Movie. Parents tell me this is an all time favorite and students watch it non-stop. It takes me many hours to put it together and during the process I wonder if it's worth it. This year's DVD is around 650 slides and 33 minutes long. But when I see the finished product, I cry every time and know it was well worth it. It's so fun to see the growth and learning that takes place in first grade. My babies come in hardly being able to read or write and go out reading chapter books and writing novels! 
(Well maybe not novels but really long stories)
It also helps me remember why I LOVE being a teacher!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

volunteer gift

I found a darling idea on Pinterest for my volunteer moms.
They turned out pretty cute.
I found oven mitts at the dollar store for a dollar of course. Then all the kiddos signed them with colored Sharpies. 
We stuff them with gummy lifesavers, added a card and a bow.
Very easy, memorable, inexpensive, and useful!
If you'd like to download the card I made click HERE. There are a couple different versions.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Teacher Appreciation SALE!

It's the ANNUAL Teacher Appreciation SALE on TpT.
(Thanks Room 213 for the cute SALE BANNER)
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LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! teachers and the greatest profession in the world!
Happy shopping!

Saturday, May 3, 2014



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