Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fly Away Butterflies!

Today it finally warmed up enough so we could set the butterflies free!
Two of them wanted to hang around. One of them sat on my finger for awhile and let all the kiddos take a closer look. They thought it was so cool. I did too. Look how intense Tiffany is checking out that butterfly. I love doing  things like this! I love to see expressions like Tiffany's on the faces of my students. It's what makes teaching worthwhile. To see that thirst and excitement for knowledge  is a great pay check! Okay, it doesn't pay the bills but it makes me want to keep teaching and teaching!
I hope you have a great Friday!


Tammy said...

That is a great face!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Delighted said...

That picture is definitely a Kodak Moment with some major fascination going on!

First Grade Delight

Fredia said...

How fun!! I love this picture!!

Unknown said...

Love your picture! We set our butterflies free today also.

Barbara said...

I love watching them fly away. It's always a happy moment :)

Grade ONEderful
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