Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone PEACE, JOY, LOVE AND LAUGHTER in the New Year!
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tattling Giveaway Winners!

And the winners are:
Becky, Karyn and Kelly!
I'll be sending you the tattling packet ASAP!
Thanks everyone for the great comments. It sounds like TATTLING is alive and well in most every ones classroom.

I posted another new packet yesterday. It's my clock packet. My kiddos are really struggling this year telling time. I have some who didn't master hour in kindergarten so this packet start with hour and goes to half hour. I made a reference chart where the kids write the times to each clock in sequential order. Then they keep it in their math journals. It has really helped. The theme is Star Wars which my 20 boys went crazy for.There's also some fun games and math stations activities.

You can check it out at my shops. It's on sale at Teacher Notebook until Tuesday!
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THANKS everyone for taking the time to read and follow my blog!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

After Christmas Sale

I'm having a SALE!
I hope you'll check it out.
You can go directly to my shops by click the words.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Battle of TATTLING Give Away!

Wow! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I had one of the best holidays ever. I am so blessed to have my family all close by. I was able to enjoy the excitement of all my darling little grandchildren. It even snowed on Christmas Eve. A perfect setting. It was heaven!

It's been snowing again ALL day and I've been huddled around my computer creating my newest packet. I have a HUGE tattling problem this year in my room. I've wanted to make this packet for some time now but never had the time. I'm excited to use it when I get back. There are 24 situation and discussion cards to sort, an Early Reader booklet, a visor the kids can make, a game, 5 Anchor charts, and some writing pages.

You can check it out at my shops by click the words.

And because I had such a wonderful Christmas and in a great mood, I'm going to give 3 lucky followers 'The Battle of Tattling' packet for FREE. All you need to do is be one of my follower, leave your email address, and make a comment on this post by Friday (Dec. 28, 2012) at Midnight (Mountain Time). I'll select the winners by Random Number Generator and notify them on Saturday. GOOD LUCK!
The winners were Becky, Karyn, and Kelly!
Thanks everyone for the great comments and for following my blog!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Wishes!

Sending warm Christmas wishes from our house to yours!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Review

I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to blog. Sorry. We got out of school on Wednesday and I've been going a 100 miles an hour trying to get everything done. But the parties are over, shopping done, presents all wrapped, baking and cooking finished (almost, what can be is finished) and choir practices over. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the family and the season!
Here's a few pictures of our last week. I had a lot more but my camera was on the wrong setting so most of them are blurry. Dang! I hate when that happens.
Christmas party treat trees!
Grinch Day game.
 Getting messy!
 Christmas Party craft- pine cone ornaments
 Singing "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas" at the Jingle Jam!
 More treat trees.
 My darling granddaughter with her Grinch.
More Grinch!
I totally ENJOYED the last day of school!! We had a blast. It's fun to relax and be silly sometimes.

Look at the COOL Christmas present our class got a week before Christmas!
YES! It's a Smart Board!
Our principal had money to buy 4 boards for our school. So any teacher that wanted one had to write a grant for it telling how they would use it with a sample lesson plan. Low and behold- I got one. I'm still in shock. So guess what I'm doing on my holiday break? Yup, trying to learn how to work it. If any one has any great ideas or websites- please send them my way! My principal told us to use a TENNIS BALL! I thought he was crazy but it really works well. We use it to write with and to drag. The kids think it's great! 

I also posted a new packet on my shops. It's all about BLENDS.
You can check it out at

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday break!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good-Bye Ellie Elf

So sorry to have to say good-bye to our little Elf on the Shelf. My kiddos have been so excited each morning to find her. I've even had several students from last year coming in my room at lunch and after school wanting to see her. She was pretty well behaved most of the time because she knew my class this year couldn't handle very much mischief and she needed to show them what a 'good' elf does. Here's some more pictures.
 Ellie loves band aids!
 She's giving the Big Guy a hug.
 Here she made a bed in a basket out of tissues.
 One day she got into the candy jar but she shared with us and left us a note.
 Keeping watch by the math station board.
 Chillin' with some friends.
 Elves really have a sweet tooth. She got into the candy again.
 She LOVES to read especially 'Pete the Cat Saves Christmas'.
 Ellie's been the star of our class for the past month so it's only fitting she had a star attack.
Watching the class with Pete.
Tomorrow is her last day and she has brought us all a candy cane with a letter telling the kids good-bye and to continue to be good. We will miss her but I'm sure she'll be back next year for sure!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas

I've been getting little neighborhood, friends, and co-worker gifts put together and thought I'd share one of the ideas I do. My family loves the Peppermint Bark and White Chocolate Popcorn I make. So I take and make little treat bags of them and top them off with a little bag topper.

Both are VERY EASY and FAST to make as well as YUMMY!
I had a co-worker several years ago share the popcorn recipe with me. I've changed it a little over the years and added some red and green sprinkles. Thanks Jenna!
Click HERE to download the recipes.
The treat bag topper is printed on card stock, trimmed and folded. The graphic are from my good friend Nikki over on Melonheadz. The frames are from 'Surfin Through Second Grade' and fonts from 'Rowdy in Room 300.'
Click HERE to grab a copy of the treat bag topper.

We also put together our Christmas cards this week for our families. 
I take a photo of each one of my kiddos with a cute stuffed Christmas Moose I have. Then I get them developed at Costco for just 13 cents each. This make a really cheap but keepsake gift. I made a darling cover for the card from Scrappin Doodle's graphic.
I tape the photo inside and let the kids write a message and decorate it. 
They turned out pretty cute!

I hope everyone has a great last week before our long awaited and much needed break.