Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Kwik Paint Stix

I know it's been forever since I posted something other than a sale but I found a really cool item I just had to share. I went to Grandparent's Day at my grandson's school and got to visit the art class. They had these REALLY COOL paint sticks to paint with. I'm probably late to the party and you all ready know about them. They were so fun that I just had to come home and order some for myself.
They come in a 12 count or 24 count pack with lots of bright colors. They dry almost instantly. They look just like a glue stick but instead of sticky they are paint. They only cost a little more than a pack of markers. You can get them at Amazon.com HERE
My grandchildren LOVE using them!
 I can think of lots of ways I could use these in my classroom from tracing letters & numbers to writing spelling or sight words.
THANKS Mrs. Olds at North Point Elementary in Lehi, Utah for introducing me (and my grandsons) to these cool paint sticks.