Friday, August 2, 2013

New Math Packets

I've added some new math packets to my shops. I hope you'll check them out.

I have to give tons of credit to my wonderful team for this packet. We got together and decided what our I CAN statements should be for each week of the school year for math. This is a set of posters with each I CAN statement in KID-FRIENDLY terms with pictures and examples. It will be great for our ELL kids too. I like to use my snipping tool on my computer to take a picture of the poster I'm using that week. Then drag the picture onto my Smart board slide. I use this when I'm introducing the new objective for the week. Then I put the poster on my focus board for the week. Then the poster will go onto my Math bulletin board for the rest of the year so the kids can refer to it when needed.
This packet also coordinates with my Common Core & More Math Vocabulary Cards. You can check out a post about these cards HERE.

This next packet I created to help me with the number sense routines I'm teaching this year. I wrote a post earlier about this great book-
You can check out that post HERE.
I love how the author Jessica Shumway says when you start to teach Quick Images to have the dots in different colors so the kiddos can understand that you're trying to see groups of dots. She also talked about using ten-frames and dominoes for Quick Images. This is a great way to teach subitizing. So I made a little packet of Quick Image Cards that have those things.

You can check out all these new packets and more by clicking on my shop side bars or the picture of the packet above.
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