Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Now Teach!

Here is Blog Hoppin day 3: Now Teach- Organize for Instruction.
This one is right up my alley. I'm accused all the time of being Miss Organized. Sometimes I hate the term but other times I embrace it especially when it comes to teaching.
1. My mom taught me this a looong time ago and it works for my home as well as school.

It makes teaching easier if my classroom is neat and tidy. It makes teaching much easier if I can find things quickly. I'll have to admit sometimes I'm not as good at putting things back as I should and there are times when I can't find things but the idea is a good one and it helps most of the time.

2. Filing is a big issue especially games and activities.
I LOVE the pocket folders by Smead called expandable jacket file folders! I can store game bags, game boards, anchor charts, books, and masters all in one folder and not worry if anything will fall out. I have built in file folder drawers in my classroom so I use a lot of folder. I have a color coded system for each subject. Math is red, science is orange, reading is green, etc. and each subject is in a different drawer. Some like math take up several drawers and are numbered 1-7. You can find these pocket folder at Office Max but I have found them the cheapest at They come in different sizes from 1 inch to 2 inches. I like the 1 inch but have some 1 1/2 inchers for my really big files.
Click on the picture for a link to Amazon and more info.

3. Storing books can be fun! I like to rotate my genre books throughout the year so my little ones don't get bored with the same books. So I store them in bins I bought at Ikea. I wrote a post all about it HERE.

Well, there are a few of my organizational tips. You can check out more from more great teachers at Blog Hoppin. 
Now I'm off to meet my new firsties. I'm doing DRA testing today! EXCITED!!!

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Teaching Little Miracles said...

I really like those expandable files too! Swapping out books is a great idea. Thanks!


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