Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

Last year one of my moms gave me The Elf on the Shelf for a Christmas present. I was soooo excited! I gave one to each of my grandchildren a few years ago and they adore them. I didn't get to use her last year because I got it on the last day before Christmas vacation. But I'm using her this year!!!
She arrived with her book the day after Thanksgiving break. We named her Ellie. Not really original but we like it. I told the kids that I always run into Santa each year and he always asks about each one of them. So this year he decided to send one of his elves to check them out each day.
 She's not getting into any mischief yet. I'm not sure whether I want her to go that route. I have a difficult class this year and I don't want to hype them up anymore than they already are. We'll have to see how it goes.
She is picking some fun places to show up though. One little boy swears he saw her eyes move. I love it! Our little elf still had her tags on. Several of the kids were talking about her. Some said she was fake because she had on tags. Well, tomorrow her tags are gone. Ellie went back to the North Pole tonight and told her friends what they had said. She was embarrassed so she cut her tags off.
I found a ton of activities at Teacher Pay Teacher and can't wait to use them. Most of them are learning and educational-NO FLUFF HERE! There are a million ideas on Pinterest too.
Over on The Teacher Wife, Lindsey just gave in and got one. She's got a great post about it. You'll want to head over and check it out.

So if you want to have some fun and try to keep the kiddos behavior in check this crazy month of December, you'll want to get one!

For tons of more Elf on the Shelf ideas I've joined Mel D's linky party. Check it out! 

Happy Elfing!


Barbara said...

That is SO cute!
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Mel D said...

Thanks for linking up for the elfing around fun!
Mel D
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Busy Bees said...

Just found your blog through the linky party! Can't wait to see what your elf does.