Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shapin' Up

I hate it when I have a day off and I can't sleep in. My body is just to used to getting up at 5:00 AM. So here I am blogging and blog stalking when I wish I could be sleeping.
Maybe I can't sleep because I'm excited about my new packet. I think it's pretty cool. We've been working on Shapes for the past few weeks and I put together a packet of some of the things we did.
This is a great activity for analyzing and composing shapes. My kids LOVE! 
This is a fun game where the kiddos get to use the skills they discovered on the Cover the Shape mat above.

I LOVE this book and was sad to find out that it is out of print. But you can find it on some of the used book sites. 
I read the book and then my firsties used their imaginations and came up with some cute pages for our class book. 
This is a picture of our class sort with 3D shapes. I'm using this next week in Math Stations with a 4-In-A-Row game.
 The packet is 31 pages of fun with over 50 pictures of 2D and 3D shapes.
 You can find the packet at my shops. Just click on the words below for a link.
Oh and if you haven't heard, there are BIG sales this weekend on both sites.

At this Thanksgiving time I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a teacher and work with my little ones. Some days it is VERY hard and I wonder if I'm doing any good. But then one of them gives me a big smile or a high five or a hug and then I know I might have taught them something today. I'm so grateful for this blogging community of wonderful teachers who inspire me to step it up and do a little more. I love the ideas everyone shares and the willingness to collaborate. It makes teaching much easier when I know I'm not in it alone.
Here's a little freebie to say THANKS for following me! It's from my shape packet above.
Click HERE to download these 2 pages.

Also, as a BIG THANK YOU I'm going to give away my new shape packet to 3 of you. All you have to do to qualify for the giveaway is COMMENT here on this post before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Utah time). I will select 3 winners at random and send you the packet so make sure you leave an email address.

Winners were Kim, Tina, and Mrs. Brinn. Thanks everyone for your great comments!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and lots of love.


Kelly said...

Your packet looks great. We haven't started solid shapes yet, so I'll be able to use it this year! Thanks!

Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Shelley said...

I would love to win this whole packet! It looks great! Thanks Sheree! :)

Unknown said...

I love your new packet. We will be learning about shapes in December!

Mrs. D said...

This looks great! Thanks for the freebies, too! :)

Unknown said...

Love this packet!!

Camille said...

Your packet looks great! I was able to order a copy of The Shape of Things from a independent seller at Amazon for about $4, but I did notice that there were some copies selling for over $200! Thank you for the freebies!
An Open Door

Kim said...

This looks fantastic! You are one of my favorite blotters and sellers!

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful packet! Thanks for the freebies and all your wonderful posts!

mary said...

I love all the stuff you do, especially since I know the amazing teacher that you are. I hope I win.

TinaM said...

I LOVE your blog and awesome activities!! They're always a huge hit with my students! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas!! :)

Leslie said...

What an awesome collection of activities! Although I am about to wrap up our shape study, you've inspired me to continue just a few more days!

Maria said...

This packet would be perfect since we will be doing our geometry unit in December. Thank you so much for all your freebies. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Lori R said...

Your 3D Shapes unit looks super. i hope I may win a copy!

Yolanda said...

I love your ideas. I hope I win. I have the best math centers because of you. Thank you so so so so much!


Katie P. said...

I love this packet! I would love to use it with my first grade class!!

Thanks for the freebie, too!


ronnie said...

happy thanksgiving to all!!! my class is getting ready to start shapes. thanks for the freebies.

Marilyn Yoder said...

This looks like a great packet. I really like your class book idea! It will be fun to use the other activities, too. Thanks for posting these!

Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

My kids love The Shape of Things. We make a classbook using shapes from that book too. Your shape packet looks fantastic. Happy Thanksgiving!

Megan said...

Looks wonderful! Thanks for the freebie, too.

Nikki Thorpe said...

Sheree I love all your stuff and miss working at Fox Hollow.

kinder-gardening said...

I love your blog ! Your ideas are fantastic!