Sunday, November 11, 2012

Great Books by Lorna Balian and Thanks VETS!

A long time ago, my librarian introduced me to Lorna Balian's books. I LOVE her books! Most of them are darling stories about one holiday or the other. Below you can see some of my favorites. If you click on the picture it will take to where you can read more about each one.
A great Christmas story about a big brother who doesn't believe in Santa. 
A darling Halloween story with a surprise ending!

A Thanksgiving classic!
A great Valentine's Day story.

After moving schools and many years later I forgot about her wonderful books until last month my team member, Marlyce, came bursting into my room all excited to show me a new book she had bought. It was a Lorna Balian book and my all time favorite. I can't believe I'd forgotten about it. Marlyce had a great idea to use the book for visualization with the kiddos. It's perfect for it! 

It's about a little boy named Patrick who finds an 'Aminal'. He puts it in his lunch bag and takes it home. But on the way he runs into his friend Molly and tells her he caught an Aminal. He describes it but doesn't show it to her because he needs to hurry home to feed it. That's where I stop reading and I have the kids talk about what they know so far about the 'Aminal'. Then I have them go draw a picture of what they think it looks like on the sheet below.
Click on the picture to download a PDF.
You could also use the story to teach about friendship and gossip. It is also great for predictions.
Ms. Balian published many more books than I have shown here. Her daughter Lecia Balian has redrawn many of the illustrations and many of the books are being re-published. However, some are still out of print. Hopefully, they will eventually redo them all.
Thanks Marlyce for reminding me about Lorna Balian books! 

Before I go, I want to THANK the wonderful VETERANS of this great nation for all their love of country and service they have or are giving. My awesome dad is a veteran of the Korean War and I know what a great sacrifice it is to serve in the military. 

I hope you all have a great week. I love your comments! 


Unknown said...

I love Lorna Balian. I went to Salisbury State University in MD (1991). and Lorna came there to speak and share her books. When I got a job teaching Kindergarten I used her books all the time. Then we got a new librarian who got rid of "old" books and Lorna's were in the pile I guess. I have tried to get my own copies for years, but couldn't find them. Glad they are available. Leprechaun's Never Lie is one of my favorites because I like to read with an Irish accent.

Thanks for sharing the news about the books on Amazon.


Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

Thank you for introducing me to another wonderful author! SMILES

Karyn said...

Lorna Balian's The Sweet Touch is my most favorite book ever. I found it in our school library when I was young and I would check it out over and over again. The illustrations are just precious!


Unknown said...

I'm having a GiveAway.
Please stop by.


Barbara said...

I love learning about new authors! Thanks, Sheree.

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