Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas FREEBIE!

I have been without internet for most of the day. I HATE when that happens!! But it's up and running now. And I'm so glad. I wanted to get this post done before the day is over.


I put together a fun little Christmas sight word game for my kiddos and I want to share it with everyone to say THANKS for sticking with me. THANKS for reading my blog. THANKS for buying my packets. THANKS for all the great comments you give me. THANKS for helping me be a better teacher.

Click HERE to download the 6 page packet.


Barbara said...

I love this game. Thanks so much, Sheree! I'm going to buy a new colour ribbon tomorrow and print it. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!
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Yolanda said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

This is so cute. You could also take out the middle cards and just use the left and right cards. If they get a card that says left or right everyone passes their cards to the person to their left or right. They also could have to give their cards to the person on the left or right of them, or take that person's cards. This gives me so many ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. Excuse my rattling.