Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fluency FREEBIE!

I'm getting a little worried about some of my firsties and their fluency. They are supposed to be reading 60 WPM by the end of the year. That's no problem for my above grade level readers and most of my on grade level kiddos. But there are some I'm working extra hard with to get that fluency up there. I've been using the Fry Phrases in my guided reading just at the end for a few minutes each time and it seems to be helping. I turned it into a little game instead of just reading the boring, meaningless phrases.
The kiddos use a 10-sided die. (I LOVE 10-sided dice. I use them for EVERYTHING!) You can get them at
Click on the picture for a link to Amazon.
The kids read the phrase they rolled. They can play with a partner or alone. They can read them to an aide, parent helper, or tutor. You can do it for a certain amount of time or points. I made 6 cards, 20 phrases for each of the 3 levels. 
If you'd like a FREE copy just click on the picture to download.
If you download, I'd love to hear back if this helps your kiddos!

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Kristy said...

I also have some sweeties who are really struggling with fluency. I haven't tried fluency phrases with them yet, but this might just be the thing they need. Thanks for sharing!
Teachin' First

Mrs. D said...

I'd really like a copy of your fluency phrases, but when I try to download them I'm getting a virus threat alert. Help??


Becky said...

These look great! I sometimes have a hard time making sure to focus on fluency because decoding and comprehension tend to take center stage. This will be a great resource for various practice opportunities.


Unknown said...

What a great idea!

Pitner's Potpourri

elizabeth.parce said...

Thank you for sharing these. Kids love anything that involves rolling dice. I actually have some 10 sided ones that I bought a the end of last year and haven't even used. It will be nice to use these next week. Thanks again-Liz in snowy South Dakota :)

Jackie said...

Thanks so much for help with fluency. My firsties are having the same problem. I know I have some fluency phrases somewhere but haven't used them. These will be great with dice! Thanks so much & I love your blog.
Thanks again,

Sarah Paul said...

These are great! THanks so much for sharing! My kiddos love when I bust out the dice so they will be so excited!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Unknown said...

Just stumbled across these! I love the independence of them for my 1st graders and they love being able to roll dice!! Thank you