Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crazy Weather and BIG Sales!

We've had some VERY CRAZY weather this January in Utah. For almost 3 weeks we have not been able to go outside for recess because of bad air quality or too cold. Our district has a policy that it must be above 20 degrees and we were in the single digits. We were doing a lot of Adventure to Fitness in our room along with a lot of other creative ideas trying to get the kiddos moving. Adventure to Fitness by the way is very popular in my room. My firsties LOVE it.
Then finally a storm came in and cleared the air and the temperature warmer up to a balmy 25+ but it snowed 15 inches in the last two days. So we still had NO recess! We were hoping for a snow day but didn't get it.
But today was gorgeous!!! Here are some pics from recess. I got to do duty! Yipee!
 This is snow basketball. No dribbling allowed. They just run back and forth trying to shoot the ball. Notice no coats. It was 40 degrees.
 This is one of my students practicing his penguin slide. We have a small hill on the playground and the kids LOVE to slide.

There are BIG sales this weekend.
20% to 25% off most everything in my shops.
Teacher Notebook will be having a 2 day sale (Saturday and Sunday).

TeacherPayTeacher is having a SALE on Sunday.
Enter the promo code: SUPER at checkout for additional savings.

 I hope everyone has a happy Friday!


Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

Burrrrrr! But it's beautiful!

susanlulu said...

WOW!!! In NC, we miss school if there is "even" a chance of snow. We've never gone to school with 'any' snow on the ground.

elizabeth.parce said...

Just signed up for Adventures to Fitness... I think my kidlets will enjoy it. We have a large gym so we are lucky enough to get to go there when it is too cold to go outside.