Saturday, April 12, 2014

2 Digit Addition Algorithm or Not?

I'm a little depressed today because my spring break is OVER and it's starting to get cold again outside. It's been gorgeous ALL week so I guess if we have to be back in school then it can get stormy again.

On Monday, I'm going to dive right into teaching 2 digit addition. Our 'Go Math' book has us teaching it by adding tens (with no regrouping). Then we add on the hundreds chart (the problems would have regrouping if you're not using the hundreds chart) and finally with place value (tens and ones no regrouping). It never discusses the algorithm of regrouping (carrying).
I love how in depth we go with the base ten blocks, and hundreds chart. The kiddos really need to know the WHY of it. I'm thinking maybe the reason the book doesn't teach it is because they want the students to really learn the WHY before concentrating on the HOW (the algorithm). 
Last year I knew this concept was coming up on the new core so I spent a few days on it. Several of my firsties picked up on the regrouping with the algorithm without me showing them.
Sooooo do I show ALL of them the algorithm or not in first grade? I'm curious as to what you all do?

To add a little FUN to my week, I put together a little mini packet for 2 digit addition. It has 4 extra practice sheets, a game (my kids are going to LOVE), and a scoot activity.

You can check it out at my shops!

I'd LOVE to hear your comments on teaching the algorithm or not in first grade.
Have a terrific weekend!


Barbara said...

We explore place value all year but don't officially do any addition past 20 in grade 1. Thank goodness.
Glad to hear you had a sunny spring break.

Debbie said...

As I try to understand and implement the Common Core Standards, I believe they don't want you to teach the algorithm in first grade. They want you to do as you have been with the hundreds chart, base ten blocks, make a picture, etc...