Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More and Less Freebie and New Number Charts

Man oh man, summer is flying by at a rapid speed! I only have 4 1/2 weeks left and I have a ton of things I still want to do. Isn't that just how life is though. Why couldn't the school year fly by at a rapid speed?

I've completed my More and Less packet and it is up on my shops. My kiddos need lots of practice with this concept and I hope this will help.
 There are 12 activity sheets on different levels so you can differentiate your teaching or use at different times of the year. They are grouped as one more or less < 50 or > 50 to 120 and 10 more or less < 50 or > 50 to 120. There are find a friend activities, color it and the more/less boxes.
If you'd like a copy of this FREEBIE from the packet click HERE.

There are 2 activities that could be used in math stations or with your whole class. My class absolutely LOVES the Swat It game.

I also added some new number charts with cute new backgrounds.
This one is 'Nautical Theme'
This one is 'Owl Theme'
This one is 'Chalkboard Theme'

And this one is 'Circus Cat Theme' (aka Cat in the Hat but I can't call it that)
Some of the packets are 0-20 and some are 0-30. If you don't see a theme that matches your classroom decor, just email me and I can make one for you. 
You can check out all these and more at my shops by clicking on the my sidebar.

I hope you're enjoying your summer and it is going by very s-l-o-w-l-y!!!

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