Sunday, March 10, 2013

What We're Reading

We just started a great chapter book this week. The kiddos are LOVING it. I'd never read this series until my granddaughters told me about it. Where have I been?
It is perfect for 1st grade. Ivy and Bean are kind of naughty, a lot like Junie B. Jones but very fun to read. Even my 20 boys are loving it.

We reread this awesome book to help us remember to pick Just Right Books. It's also fun for predicting and compare & contrast.
One of my favorite books to use for inference and prior knowledge is by Chris Van Allsburg.
A teacher friend of mine found this book in a library discard pile. Evidently, the librarian thought someone had scribbled all over the book with crayons. No way, it's part of the story. My firsties are amazed at the ending of the story. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

One of my boys found the Chester series in the library and would just laugh and laugh as he read it. So, of course, everyone wanted to know what was so funny. Now they take turns passing it around come library time. Great motivation for becoming a writer too.
My class was very excited to learn that there was a new Library Mouse book. Actually, it was released a year ago but they hadn't seen it.

We LOVE Sam and Sarah and all their great adventures. These books are great for teaching writing too. This one deals with writing in journals and I like to read it before I start my big non-fiction writing of animal reports.

I'd love to hear what you're reading in your room. I'm always looking for new books.
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Shelley said...

Chester is the BEST! There are a couple of other Chester books as well, so make sure you check those out. Melanie Watt, who writes Chester also has a series called "Scaredy Squirrel" that are hilarious! My boys check out the whole shelf when we are at the library and they have started their own Scaredy Squirrel books. They teach diagrams, labeling, listing events, list making, and all sorts of other great writing skills! Your 1st graders would LOVE them! :)