Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paper Airplane Learning

Okay so the district electrician came to my room today to mount my projector in the ceiling. So we had to be out of our room for 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours. Luckily, an hour of it was lunch and specialty and the weather was beautiful. So what do you do with 29 first graders without a classroom?
 Paper Airplane Learning!   
I showed them all how to make a very simple paper airplane. I wasn't sure if they'd be able to do this or not but most of them caught on very quickly. And those that could do it helped the ones that couldn't. My 20 boys were in 7th Heaven. They couldn't believe their teacher was actually teaching them how to make paper airplanes let alone fly them. Little did they know there would be learning involved. After everyone had an airplane, they had to think of a number from 10-99 and write it on their plane with their name.
Then I explained the rules:

  • Stand in two lines facing each other. 
  • No flying until I say "go". 
  • Everyone picks up an airplane.
  • Everyone fills out the place value chart with the number on the plane.
  • Get ready to fly it again.
  • Repeat. (We did it 7 times.)
 Here was the BIGGEST rule:
  • No paper airplanes allowed except when I (teacher) say. (That was so I won't have paper airplanes everywhere after today and paper airplanes are not allowed in our school unless the teacher is using them for teaching purposes.)

We had a BLAST! We stayed out of our room and we practiced our place value. Who knew paper airplanes could be educational?
Here are the instructions for folding a very simple paper airplane.
This is the recording sheet we used.
Click HERE to download the recording sheet.
My brain is just a going with all the other subjects you could do this with: contractions, compound words, fractions, number sentences, spelling or sight words, antonyms, synonyms, homophones, blends, just to name a few. You wouldn't even need a fancy recording sheet, just a piece of paper with numbers to record your answers. You can even do it in your room, just line up on opposite sides of the room and fly away.

So if you ever get kicked out of your room and need a fun learning activity, here's one you could try. I know my kiddos want to do it again and again and again.
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Catherine said...

Oh my goodness! What a fun activity! I can't wait to use this next week (perhaps tomorrow if we are crazy due to leprechaun-itis)! I did something similar during the winter using white paper with a sight word on it...threw it like a snowball. Love your airplanes...thanks for the freebie!!!

Tammy said...

3 hours?! The electrician doesn't work after school? :) I'm going to be getting a projector and Smart board. I sure hope they don't install them when the children are around. If they do, I know what I can do with the children!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Yolanda said...

I am so doing this after Spring Break! Thanks for the idea. Yeah, I can't wait!

Suzy Q said...

Very resourceful of you! And seriously, they couldn't install the board after school or on a weekend?

We made/flew/measured planes as an end of year activity last the hall next to our room! I told the class we had to be so quiet the other two second grade classes wouldn't know what we were up to or else I would get into could have heard a pin drop!

Rachel Seymour said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! My kiddos will thank you after we do this! We have one week left before spring break so this will be a great way to practice that place value!!

I'm your newest follower! Thanks for sharing this great idea. :)


michaelshoney said...

All I have to say, is WOW 20 boys out of 29! Wow!

Barbara said...

You are one clever lady. That's the perfect way to keep them occupied in a meaningful way:)
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