Thursday, July 26, 2012

Number THREE & a Freebie

Three weeks! Three weeks! That's all that's left of my summer vacation. In that three weeks I've got to get my room ready (I'm re-doing my theme this year so everything is coming down), finish making a bunch of stuff , re-organize my reading files (new core is throwing me a curve), and get my math map ready. I'm running out of time! AAAHHHH! Yesterday, I had one of those days where I didn't feel like doing anything. I finally slept in-until 7:30. Then I just couldn't get myself motivated to do a darn thing. Actually, it was really kind-of nice for a change. Gotta have a day or two like that. But today I'm up at 5:00 with a bajillion things to do.
First off, I uploaded some new packets to my shops. I'm really excited about these. Like I said before, I'm changing my theme this year. I'm going with "HAPPY CAMPERS". So I've been re-making lots of charts and signs. I made new number charts and they turn out great, so I made a bunch with other themes. Check out the pictures below.
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The number word, numeral, tallies, and 10-frame are on each poster with a cute, colorful border. There is a chart for each number 0 to 20. If you don't see a theme to match your room, just email me and I'll see what I can do to make one for you.

***Because I'm feeling stressed about my THREE WEEKS of summer left, I'm going to give away THREE of the number charts to the first THREE that leave me a comment. Make sure you leave your email address and which themed packet you'd like!

Now on to the FREEBIE. I'm kind-of stuck in a number and camper mode. So I made a new BUMP game for my math stations at the beginning of the year. It uses a 10-sided die and the kiddos can have fun practicing their number words, tallies, or 10-frames. I hope it's something you can use.
Hey, when does everyone else start? We actually start in THREE weeks but the kids don't come until August 21st. I know some year-round school have already started. Sorry Shelley!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found something you can use in your classroom.


Fredia said...

Have I mentioned your blog is the best!!! I LOVE all of your new stuff!!! Your frog pond number set looks darling!!! Thanks for the freebie!!!!

Cindy said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog and your creations! I'd really like your frog pond theme - I start my year with frogs so it would be perfect!! :o)


aclark said...

These are too cute! I'm starting the year with monkeys so the jungle theme would go perfectly! Thank you so much!


Amanda said...

I love the different versions of BUMP! I never thought of using ten frames or tally marks. Thanks for sharing these!

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Barbara said...

thanks for the bump game, Sheree! BTW, you need to learn how to sleep in. 7:30 is still early in my books -- ha ha!
Take care.

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