Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FREE Irish Bump

I'm trying to get into the holiday spirit. Hasn't there been too many holidays lately- Dr. Seuss, Valentines, Christmas just to name a few. It seems like my firsties are always hyper because of some holiday coming up. Anywho, here is a little Irish Bump. I tried to make it more of a challenge by using 10-sided dice so they'll go up to 18. I hope someone can use it. The graphics are by KPM Doodles. I just LOVE her stuff! The frames are by From the Pond. I LOVE her stuff too. And of course the fonts are none other than Kevin and Amanda. Yeah I LOVE their stuff too! I'm so glad there are such talented artists out there because I can't even draw a circle. Directions are included. Click on the picture for a download.
Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah Paul said...

Thanks for the freebie!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Jenn Bates said...

Cute freebie!
Finally in First

Barbara said...

This is great! Thank you.
Grade ONEderful

Deb said...

LOVE it! NEED it! Thanks!

(And, yes, wwwwaaaayyyyy too many holidays!!)

Oh My Little Classity Class

Chrissy said...

Thanks for the BUMP game. I'm awarding you a Top 10 Award. I hope you'll come over and check it out.
 Chrissy

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