Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crazy Day and Freebie

Yesterday was ONE CRAZY DAY. To start things off, we finally got a GOOD snowstorm! The hubby finally got to dust off the snow blower! As you can see from the picture, some of the snow wanted to come to school. We had a hard time getting our outside door to close.

Well, that just hyped up my firsties even more because it was Hat Day in honor of Dr. Seuss. I don't know what it is about wearing a hat to school but it sure excites a kid. Maybe it doesn't help that the teacher is wearing a ridiculous hat too. Then to add to all the craziness, a district fixer guy (don't really know what to call him) came to fix my heat. It's been about 65 degrees in my room all week long. Needless to say, we've been freezing and wearing our coats all week. Anywho, this fixer guy comes in with a ladder and has his head in the ceiling for at least 30 minutes. The kiddos thought that was way too funny. All they could see were his legs and feet, the headless man! We did manage to get some Seuss-ism learning done though.
We had root beer floats which by the way is a great, cheap treat that my kiddos really love. I can serve more than 30 of them with just 2-2 liters of root beer (they don't care if it's the cheap kind or not) and a bucket of the cheap vanilla ice cream.
I thought they looked cute in their hats. This is only half my class, remember I have 31 of the little cuties! We wear hats because Dr. Seuss loved to wear hats while he worked on his books and he even had hat parties where everyone had to wear a hat. The kiddos eat it up!
And to top it all off, at recess one of my cuties lost his snow boot in the huge snow bank on the hill on the playground. His mom came with shovel in hand and searched and dug for over an hour but could not find it. We'll just have to wait until the snow melts! All in all, it was very crazy but a very fun day!

I just finished a new packet that is up on my teacher shops. It's working with Bossy R! There's an Errr-Hunt to find bossy r words, a card game where students can read sentences with bossy r words, 2 unscramble pages and a worksheet. It's only $2.50!
Click on the word for a link to my shops.

We have been working hard on contractions and compound words. Here's a little worksheet we did together. Click on the picture for a FREE download. 
I hope you're having a fantastic weekend. I'm going to go snuggle with the hubby, eat some hot soup, and watch some basketball! Go COUGARS!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found something you can use with your firsties!


Tammy said...

Don't you love when the only time something can be fixed is when the children are in the room too? :)
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Delighted said...

I'm so jealous of your snow! We had a taste ~ and then it was gone! :-(

Love the camping theme for your packet.

First Grade Delight

Barbara said...

Very cute worksheet. Thank you!

Deb said...

We had awesome snow here, too! LOVED it. . .even if I did have recess duty. The flakes coming down here were HUGE!

I had a district fixer-guy come to install the screen for my projector in the middle of class. He measured, drilled (into the concrete wall, no less - what an awesome sound that is - I still shudder to think of it!), hung the screen, and then decided he didn't like where he'd installed it, proceeded to take the screen down, remove the hardware from the concrete, drill more holes, and reinstall the screen. Sigh. 45 minutes. It was less than awesome, lol.

LOVE your new stuff! Thanks for the freebie! Have a great weekend (even if you are a Cougars fan, lol, GO AGGIES!!!). ;)

Unknown said...

Love the freebie! Thank you!

First Grade Blue SKies

Elisabeth said...

I'm jealous of all your snow, I wish we had some here! Thanks for the freebie- we're reviewing this next week before spring break and it's exactly what we need! :)

Katie Smith said...

I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award! Come and Check in out on my blog!!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and am your newest follower! It's great!

Glitter and Glue