Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Things & Fabulous Friday Finds!

We've been working on writing lists. So I had the kiddos make their Thanksgiving Shopping Lists. We glued the little title tag onto a small paper bag and then wrote our lists with a marker. Some got carried away with the bullet thing but they had fun. It was interesting to see what some of them put on their lists. It would make for a strange Thanksgiving dinner- things like chili, tacos, and watermelon. And I just love the one in the picture- "mashs butados". Don't think I want to try those!

 Click on the picture below for a PDF.
For graphs this week, we are doing something a little different. I was inspired by a math center over on First Grade Garden who was inspired by Doodle Bugs Teaching fall unit on TpT. (How's that for a round about shout out?) Any how, they both had these cool graphing cards. So I made some for my math stations. But to introduce it, I'm going to do a Thanksgiving one with my whole class. Then I've made some others to put in my stations. The kiddos count the objects on the card and then record the data on a graph. You can grab my version of this idea by clicking on the picture below. Of course the clip art is from one of my favorites- DJ Inkers!
We are working on digraphs and I found this cute idea over on First Grade Blue Skies. It's called the "Thinking Thumb". Great 'thumbs on' idea to help the firsties remember the 'th' sound!
I hope you have found something you can use in your classroom.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a fun weekend!

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Jenna said...

Sheree, I'm so excited to find you! I haven't had any contact info for you and I miss you! Your blog looks incredible, way to share your amazing ideas. You are truly a master teacher and those kids are SO lucky to have you!