Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Favorite Thanksgiving Book Linking Party!

There is a linking party going on! My favorite book to read at Thanksgiving time is called: "My Most Thankful Thing" by Liz Mccourt.
When the little girl asks her mom what her "most thankful thing ever" is, Mom turns the question into a fun trip down memory lane. Turning the pages of Mom's photo album, they discover many wonderful moments in Mom's life, from summer camp to winning a trophy in a soccer tournament, from singing onstage to her wedding day. But one event in Mom's whole life is the very best ever -- the birth of her precious little girl. 
While reading the book with my class, we try to guess what the mom is most thankful for. Many of the kids guess right just before the book tells us. It's fun for predictions! After reading the book, we talk about some of the things we are most thankful for and then write a page for a class book. 
The Most Thankful Thing
Oh shoot! I just went to Amazon to get the picture and found out this book is now out of print. If you can find it in the library, it is well worth the read!
Looking forward to seeing what others like to read for Thanksgiving! If you'd like to join click on the link Teaching Blog Addict.

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Barbara said...

Oh, Sheree, I read this on Friday to a group of kindies while I was covering a class and they LOVED it! They would repeat with me, "but that's NOT my most THANK-FUL thing!" and giggle and giggle. What a treasure; thanks for sharing it.