Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Math

We are working on several things in math from ten frames to comparing numbers to one more one less to subitizing and graphs. Sometimes it feels like I'm going in a million different directions. I'm sure none of you EVER feel that way. Our district is big on differentiation and teaching to every student's level. So I've taken an idea from Math Investigations and made it for 2 levels in my classroom. It's called Ordering Numbers. Investigations has the kids pick number cards from 1-10 and put in order from least to greatest. All my kids can do it. So I've created new cards 1-30 and 1-99 and a new recording sheet. Some of mine firsties are stuck in the 1-30 spot and some are beyond that. Hopefully, these new cards will help the low ones move up and challenge the high kiddos. Click on the picture for a PDF if you'd like to try it with your kids.

 Here is my graph for this week. The kids are really doing well with graphing and they really seem to enjoy learning about each other through the graph questions.

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