Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I did a great sight word/spelling practice with my kids today called evaporate. I got a small chalkboard (about 6x8) at the craft store. Then I wet a small sponge with water. My kids had their whiteboards and markers ready. I had them write the first word in the middle of their board and then put their markers in the air. I wrote the same word on the chalkboard with the wet sponge. Then I said "go". They had to write the word as many times as they could before my word evaporated. They LOVED it! I said "stop" when it had evaporated and then had them count how many times they had written the word. Then they had to show the number on their fingers and look around the room and wink at someone with the same number. We did it all silently, well almost! They thought it was a blast. Here is a picture of my chalkboard and sponge.

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