Sunday, July 22, 2012


Ahoy Mates! I'm back from my vacation to Lake Powell and my relaxing time on the water.
We had a blast with my son and daughter-in-law and family. I had some pretty BAD hair days but really enjoyed the water, boating, eating, and down time. I didn't enjoy the heat and 2 scary wind storms. But we had lots of adventures and made lots of memories!

While we were there, we went to some Native American ruins on a cliff just above the water. It was an 850 year old site where the Pueblo Tribe had once inhabited. Of course, the teacher in me came screaming out! I LOVED it. I took tons of pictures. But what I liked the most was the 'kiva'! I have special benches in my classroom that my hubby made for me. They are big enough for all my kiddos to sit on and it's where I do most ALL of my teaching. I call it the 'Kiva'. I explain to my firsties what a kiva is. Now I have really cool pictures of one to go along with my explanation.

A kiva is a special gathering place the Indians built. They climbed down into it and it was a place where they were given special instructions and learned many things. Then I tell them that we have a special place in our classroom where we will learn great things too and we are going to call it 'Our Kiva'. We talk about the rules and if any one doesn't obey the rules then they are asked to leave the kiva. My firsties think it is WAAAAY cool!

I also got all my Long and Short Vowel packets finished and uploaded to my shops. I have individual packets or I made a MEGA PACK which has all 5 vowels at a discounted price. Each vowel has 11 activities including games, sorts, worksheets, and picture cards. It takes about 2 weeks to do each vowel. I had fun making it. Here are a few pictures from the packets.
You can check it out at my shops. Click on the words for a link.

Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by!


Chrissy said...

Wow! That pack looks AMAZING! Your vacation looked fun too. Thanks for sharing this- it's on my wishlist for the shopping spree I plan to have soon.
First Grade Found Me

Lisa R. said...

Your mega pack looks great Sheree!! I am headed to check it out!! :) I'm glad you had a great vacation.
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Marlyce said...

Consistency, variety, and quality! That's how I describe this packet! I'm almost finished cutting out the laminated items in this packet and I had to stop by and tell you thank you! I love how the activities directions are consistent but each activity is different enough to add a lot of variety! That is going to help with MY management and the STUDENT'S engagement!

I'm so anxious to start to use these that I'm almost glad to be going back in a few weeks! :) (Did I just say that?) Thanks again, Sheree! You are the best!