Saturday, April 12, 2014

2 Digit Addition Algorithm or Not?

I'm a little depressed today because my spring break is OVER and it's starting to get cold again outside. It's been gorgeous ALL week so I guess if we have to be back in school then it can get stormy again.

On Monday, I'm going to dive right into teaching 2 digit addition. Our 'Go Math' book has us teaching it by adding tens (with no regrouping). Then we add on the hundreds chart (the problems would have regrouping if you're not using the hundreds chart) and finally with place value (tens and ones no regrouping). It never discusses the algorithm of regrouping (carrying).
I love how in depth we go with the base ten blocks, and hundreds chart. The kiddos really need to know the WHY of it. I'm thinking maybe the reason the book doesn't teach it is because they want the students to really learn the WHY before concentrating on the HOW (the algorithm). 
Last year I knew this concept was coming up on the new core so I spent a few days on it. Several of my firsties picked up on the regrouping with the algorithm without me showing them.
Sooooo do I show ALL of them the algorithm or not in first grade? I'm curious as to what you all do?

To add a little FUN to my week, I put together a little mini packet for 2 digit addition. It has 4 extra practice sheets, a game (my kids are going to LOVE), and a scoot activity.

You can check it out at my shops!

I'd LOVE to hear your comments on teaching the algorithm or not in first grade.
Have a terrific weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Morning Math Review FREEBIE

 I don't think there is anything better than a teacher on spring break!
I'm loving my vacation. This year we decided to take a little trip down south to St. George on the weekend to enjoy a little sunshine. Then I'm just resting and relaxing at home by myself for the entire week while my hubby works. Is this what retirement is like? Humm!

I've finally been able to get some work done on some packets I've had waiting in the wings.
I've been using this with my class for the last 2 years and finally got it posted this morning on my shops.
It's a great little review packet just for the 1st grade math core. There are 39 practice sheets, one for each week of school. It starts out on an easy kindergarten level and then gets more difficult as the year progresses. I use them for a self-start every Monday but they are also great for homework or centers. It's a great way to see if students are getting the concepts your teaching so you could use them for assessing too. You don't need to go in order, you can skip around if you like.
Very EASY prep, just print and use.

If you click HERE you can download this FREE sample.
You can get the same free sample if you download the PREVIEW on TpT.

Well, I'm debating whether to stay in my jammies all day and curl up with a new book. I've already finished 2 since Friday. 
Did I mention how much I'm lovin' spring break!

Hope you have a wonderful spring break whenever yours is!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Cleaning SALE!

It's time to clean out your wish lists and buy what you need to finish the school year.
I'm joining the Spring Cleaning SALE over on TpT!
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drums Alive and FREEBIE St Patrick's Day Read the Room

Have you ever heard of DRUMS ALIVE?
I hadn't until this year.
Our PE teacher attended a workshop last fall and then wrote a grant to get all the equipment. Then she started doing it with the kids this year.
We had a teacher Inservice and learned all about it this week. 
And low and behold I found out my grandkids are doing it at their school. This video was taken at their school last year.
It was SO fun!! We got to do some of it as teachers. It's a great way to exercise but I LOVE the math and music.

I taught place value this week so I tried it out. You can do it on the balls or just let them clap and pat their legs. I gave them a number like 75. Then I'd say ready, set, go. They would pat their legs 7 times for the tens, then clap their hands 5 times for the ones. It was so fun. You could really tell the ones who knew their place value and the ones who didn't.
If you're interested in the program just Google Drums Alive or Academic Beats. There are tons of YouTube videos too because it is world wide.

I also have a FREEBIE for you. I'm a little late. It's for St. Patrick's Day which is Monday. It's a read and write the room.
Click HERE for a FREE download.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Million Strong SALE!!!

It's time for another SALE!!
They don't happen often on TpT but when they do they are BIG!
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I hope you'll check out some of my favorites that I'm using right now in my classroom.
I couldn't teach without these great packets. 
They are classroom tested and teacher approved!

Here are some of my newest packets that I absolutely LOVE!

 Happy shopping everyone!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Packet and another GREAT App!

I've been SOOOOO caught up in the Olympics that I kind-of forgot about my blog.
 I'm LOVIN all the excitement of 'goin for the GOLD'!!! 

Anyhow, I found a cool app for the iPad a few weeks ago that my kiddos LOVE. I think it has become their favorite. 
And what I like is it's by my alma mater- BYU!
It has fun, up-beat music and great activities for 6 short vowel, word families. Plus it's FREE. Just search Hideout by BYU in the App Store to find it. 
I'm just hoping they will continue to keep adding more word families.

I downloaded a new packet to my shops. It's a fun little SCOOT activity for missing addends. Easy prep too! I needed a little something to get my firsties up and moving.
Check it out by clicking on my sidebar shop buttons.

Well, I'm off to watch more of the Olympics. 
I sure LOVE the DVR! Hate commercials!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Press Here

My kiddos absolutely LOVE this book by Herve Tullet.
Have you read it? It's an interactive book that has the reader pushing dots, shaking the book, and blowing just to name a few of the things you're asked to do. Magical things appear on the next page as you do as you're told. I think I need to order another one because they are wearing this one out!

My firsties LOVED it so much they wanted to write their own. I've got to say, I think they turned out pretty amazing. I couldn't take pictures of them all but here is one I'll share.
You've got to LOVE any book that gets kids reading and writing!

Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for stopping by.