Friday, July 27, 2012


Who doesn't LOVE a birthday? Umm, okay when you're my age maybe. But kids? Yeah!!! it's a very special day. I thought I'd share what I am doing this year for birthdays in my room. Like I said before, I'm doing a Happy Camper theme. So here's what they get.

We all sign the cute little card. We sing. Some will bring in a treat from home. And then I give them a birthday bag. This year I'm not filling it with sugary treats. I found some awesome toys on
They get a bug catcher net with plastic bugs.

Laser Finger Flashlights! These are way cool. A little pricey at $1 each but the kiddos LOVE them.

Grow-An-Insect will be a big hit too! You soak them in water for a day or two and watch as they grow huge!
Then of course, I had to add just a little chocolate with a Kit Kat bar.

Cara over on First Grade Parade has some darling ideas for birthdays too with some great links to other blogs as well. And my bestest friend Fredia over at Frogs in First had a great post a while back with a free booklet that she does for birthdays.
I'd LOVE to hear what everyone else does for birthdays. Please leave a comment!
Have a great day.

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Barbara said...

The kids are going to LOVE those!
I do something a bit different each year. This year I'm going back to what I did a few years ago. I keep cupcakes in the freezer and canned icing in the fridge at school. The birthday child ices and decorates their cupcake, we sing them happy birthday, we give them the bumps and I give them a birthday card.
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