Monday, January 19, 2015


We've been working on retelling HARD and HEAVY the last two weeks.
 I'm trying to get my kiddos ready for the winter DRA testing.
I put together a little retelling packet with an ice cream chart and rubrics.
It's been a fun resource. I like to use the "to-with-by" model of teaching. I read several stories aloud and demonstrated how to retell. I showed them the rubric and what a great retelling should contain. Then I had my students score me according to the rubric. Sometimes I left a part out or mixed up the order to see if they could catch my mistakes. Then I read a story and had them help me do the retelling. After that, I had them try it with a partner. The packet has 2 cute little stories, one is called 'Anna's Book'. I put it on my document camera and we read it together. Then with a partner they got together and retold the story to each other and gave each other a score on the recording sheet. We did more stories on other days the same way from their leveled reading books. My firsties are loving it!

A few days later, we discussed Important Events and Connections. Then we did the whole activity again with the other rubric that added these components.

Next week I'm going to have my more advanced readers do a writing response to their guided reading books so they can get ready for the 2nd grade testing.

This is a great activity I'll use for the rest of the year to review retelling.

It's been fun to see how much better they are at retelling. I'm getting excited to give the DRA and see how well they do.

You can check out my new retelling packet HERE.


Barbara said...

Retelling can be SO challenging for some kids. I remember when I was little I wanted to retell EVERYTHING:)

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MA said...

LOVE this packet! Thank you!