Saturday, January 11, 2014


The good Lord blessed me with a few good talents but being ARTSY is NOT one of them! I can't draw a straight line let alone a circle. It might be because when I was in school, ART was not part of the curriculum. The first real art class I remember taking was in college for my elementary teaching degree. I loved it, but looking at other people's projects I soon realized I was not very good. Thank goodness my school has a wonderful art teacher and I don't have to teach it! But it's still hard being an elementary grade teacher and not being able to draw. I can really relate to my firsties when they tell me they don't know how to draw.

But I found some great books that have helped me and they are helping my kiddos too.

This is a series of books by Barbara Soloff Levy. It shows you step by step how to draw tons of objects. I found them on Here is the best part- they cost only $1.35 each. If you click on a book above, it will link you over to Amazon.
 I put them in my writer's workshop area. My kids are always grabbing them when they are illustrating their stories. I have to admit their pictures have really improved since I introduced these book. Mine too!!

Happy weekend everyone!

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Barbara said...

That's a GREAT deal!
My kids love drawing books, too. They're very popular at centre time.