Thursday, December 26, 2013

Book Crawler

Oh man! I'm so excited! I found a great app to catalog my hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of books!
When I was a little girl, I would play school. I'd line up my dolls and stuffed animals and play for hours. I even created a library with my 30 or so books by putting check out cards in each book and organizing them alphabetical. (crazy childhood huh?) Well, years later I AM a teacher with a lot more than 30 books. I've always wanted to somehow catalog all my personal books that I use at school but I had never found an easy way to do it- until NOW. My daughter (who also LOVES books and has a ton of them) shared this app she just found. She tried out the free lite version and LOVED it.
It's called Book Crawler.
What makes this app so great is the many different ways you can add books. My favorite is the ISBN scanner. You just focus on the book's ISBN bar and the app finds the book and all of its information. Then you just click save. Of course, you can enter each book in manually too. It also has tons of ways to tag, filter, sort, categorize and flag your books. So if you use a certain book for teaching Compare and Contrast, you'll tag it and be able to find it easily. Here is a great review about Book Crawler that explains the app much better than I can with all its cool features:
The best part is the price. You can try out the free lite version. But it only holds 25 books. See if you like it then upgrade to the whole app for only $1.99!! Another great feature is you can sync it to your other devices and save it to your Dropbox.
Now I won't buy a book I already have or spend hours looking for a book I thought I had but is still in my Amazon cart waiting to be purchased. 
This is a wonderful find for teachers that LOVE books and want to keep them organized!

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Mrs. Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome app. I have 28 years worth of books and would love to catalog them.
Connie Anderson
Welcome To First Grade Room 5

Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing this, Sheree!! I'm off to get the app. I don't even know how many books I have ... probably like most teachers:)

Happy New Year!

Grade ONEderful
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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. I found you through Simply Kinder's Teacher Round-up. I'm your newest follower.

-Jeremy @ Mr. Michelbook's Classroom