Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You Read to Me books and Bendaroo bargin

One of my all-time favorite poetry book series is by Mary Ann Hoberman called "You Read to Me, I'll Read to You". My class goes crazy when I pull these out.

Each book it full of two person poems. One person reads one color of print while the other person read a different color. Then sometimes both will read together with another color of print. 
I love to use these with my on grade level and higher readers. It helps them practice expression, rate, accuracy, and all that's part of fluency! They like to 'perform' them for each other. The white book is the first and a little easier than the rest with shorter poems. I'll even put one on the document camera and divide into groups and have the whole class read a poem.

There are 5 books in the series with great illustrations the kids just love by Michael Emberley. They are also great for teaching different literature genres. One is all Fairy Tales, another Mother Goose Rhymes, another Fables, and the last is Scary Halloweenish Stories. (I know Halloweenish isn't a really word but you know what I mean). I LOVE that they are now in paperback and reasonable in price (about $6.99 each on Amazon). If you click on anyone of the books it will link you over to where you can read a lot more about them.

One other little note: I like to use Wikki Stix or Bendaroos in my wordwork station. They are like a candle wick or waxy piece of string. My kiddos form the letters of their sight words and spelling words with them. They also like to construct silly sentences. There are lots of great uses for them.
My sticks are getting really worn out (gross actually) and it is time to find some new one. But they can be kind of pricey. My daughter found these today on Amazon. So I ordered some. If you click on the picture below, it will link you over to

They are regularly $23.99 and now only $7.00. Most people like the Wikki Stix brand best because they stick together better but I'm not using them that way so I think these will work just fine. I'll let you know.

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W said...

Oh, yes. I'd love to know how those work out. Wikki Stix are so expensive, and mine are pretty icky as well, but they still bend and form letters so we are still using them. Ha!

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