Monday, October 15, 2012

Washi Tape

Whoa! It's been over a week since my last post. So sorry but I've been on vacation. It's our fall break and we decided to go to beautiful Zion's National Park here in Utah. It was gorgeous!
We did some hiking and my kids did some canyoneering. I learned that is hiking, repelling, swimming through rivers in slot canyons etc. Nothing a mother needs to worry about. Yeah right! But everything went well and they had a blast!
 Even my little grandson Keagan had fun with his hiking stick.

I have today off too. So I need to do some catching up on my blog stalking, laundry, and school work. First though, I want to blog about a really cool tape I found. Back in the summer Lori over on Fun For First blogged about a new tape called Washi Tape. You'll want to check out her blog. She has great ideas!
Anyhow, I've been looking for Washi Tape everywhere. It's a Japanese decorative paper tape. It's not too sticky and you can take it off easily if you mess up. Only place I could find it was on-line and I wasn't sure what I would get and it was kind-of expensive. Finally, I found some on my favorite place- There is some by Martha Stewart, Elmers, and other name brands I didn't know. So I went with Elmers and Martha. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
You can click on the pictures above to go to to check it out.

So I ordered some, found a cute bucket and made my Box Top bucket.
There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for washi tape uses so I'm probably the only one not familiar with it. I'm a card maker and I'm going to use it making cards. It comes in different widths and patterns. I'm sure teachers have found lots of cute ways to use it. I'd love to hear your comments.
Have a great week!
And thanks for stopping by.


Tammy said...

I've seen it around on Pinterest but had no idea what it was about. Looks like a fun time for you and your family.
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Barbara said...

What a great holiday! Your grandson is adorable.
Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

So nice to have time to enjoy your break with family.

I love washi tape. I get mine at Michael's and Target- limited choices though. I'll have to check out Amazon. I like to make homemade cards too!

Learning With Mrs. Brinn