Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Tricky Word Practice Book Freebie

Wow! I picked up some GREAT things yesterday on the TpT sale. I'm excited! I just LOVE this technology that allows us to collaborate all over the world. Thanks for all the wonderful blogs, comments, and ideas that everyone so willingly shares. I know it makes me a better teacher.

My 1st official paid day back is tomorrow. Although I've been working all week to get things ready. We get to do our DRA reading test with our firsties tomorrow. I love being able to meet my kids and test their reading before school starts. That way I can jump right into guided reading as soon as I get them trained in Daily 5.

Here is a little something I use in my guided reading. I call it "My Tricky Word Practice Book". I make a little book for each student and they keep it in their book bag. Each time we find a word that is giving them trouble we write it in their book. They practice writing it and use the word in a sentence. They love seeing how many words they have learned. If they fill up one book then I give them another. My higher kids even enjoy it but they generally don't use it as often as my lower kiddos. I hope this is something that someone else can use. There are 3 to a page and the cover is in color or black & white. I print about 7 pages per student which gives you 21 pages in a book. My stapler can't go through much more.

Click HERE to Download!

Oh yeah one more thing, I am continuing my sale of 20% off both my shops but just for today. So if you missed the big sale you can still save. Head over and check it out. Click on the word to link up.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone has a great day!


Jackie said...

Thanks for the Tricky Word book! I officially started on Friday. We had Open House tonight & kids start tomorrow (Wed.). It would be great if we tested our kids before school started, so I could get started.
Love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing:)
Would love to know more about what you do & if you use QR codes. We're getting into technology so need to start getting into our ipads more. Thanks again, Jackie

TK said...

Thanks. Very much appreciated.

Barbara said...

Those books are super cute! Thanks, Sheree!

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