Thursday, June 21, 2012


I recently attended district training and was reintroduced to the best way to teach vocabulary words. Have you ever heard of Marzano's Six-Step Process for teaching vocabulary. HERE is a great article about it.

The steps are:
1. Explain- provide a description,explanation, or example of the new term.
2. Restate- ask students to restate the description, explanation, or example in their own words.
3. Show or Draw- Ask students to construct a picture, pictograph, or symbolic representation of the word.
4. Engage- Have students do activities that add to their knowledge of the term in a vocabulary notebook.
5. Discuss- Periodically have students discuss the term with one another.
6. Involve- Periodically have students involved in games that enable them to play with the terms.

I know with teaching the NEW Common Core I need to step up my vocabulary lessons and using Marzano's 6-Step Process will help. Our team decided to put together a vocabulary booklet for our kiddos to work in. We will print the cover on colored card stock (but I included a colored version too) and then bind about 30 of the new word pages together to create a book for each child. If you'd like a copy of our book just click on the picture below.
The faces are for the students to rate themselves on how well they think they know the word. They can cross one out and change to another face as they learn the words better. The revised square is where they can change or add to the picture as they become more familiar with the word.
We also learned some fun games to play with the words. One teacher suggested doing a 'Bug Swat' game with the words. So I found some cute graphics and put it together. You write the vocabulary words with a visa-visa pen so you can reuse them. Click on the picture if you'd like a copy.
You could also use this game with spelling words, word family words, or high frequency words.

I also found this book on by Marzano with more games in it.
I'd LOVE to hear YOUR ideas for teaching vocabulary words. What do you do?
Have a great day!

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YearntoLearn said...

Love the Bug Swat.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Amy said...

Great ideas! Thank you for these!

Krazy About Kiddos

Unknown said...

Wow, great ideas!!! I'm totally stealing both of your cute things! Thanks for putting them together! :)
Tori's Teacher Tips

Sarah Paul said...

Thanks for the great post and freebies! I need to pin this so I remember to reread it at the beginning of the year.
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Shelley said...

What kind of vocabulary word lists do you pull from? Just curious what words you are planning on teaching the kids. :)

Chrissy said...

Marzano is talked about a lot in my district. Thanks for the link to the article. I really want to read it. Love your vocabulary book idea too!
First Grade Found Me

Heather @ Kickin' It With Class said...

This is super cute! Thanks for the freebie.... I will use this with sight words in my guided reading group. I am sure the kids will LOVE to swat the words :0)
Kickin' it in Kinder