Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reading Prescriptions for Parents

Yeah! Parent Conferences are this week. Does any one dread it as much as I do? Just kidding! Once I get started it's okay. It's just all the preparation before and disappointment when the parents I really need to talk to don't show. I've been getting every thing ready this weekend and I think I'm just about there. Parents always want to know what kind of reader their kids are and how they can help them at home, so a few years ago my team and I put this information sheet together for the different levels of readers. I love it! Now all I have to do is go in and type the child's name twice on the paper and put in the correct DRA level the kiddo passed at the beginning of the year and print it. Parents LOVE it! Our district gives the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) but I'm sure the levels are close to other testing instruments. Just click on the example to download a PDF. I've included a boy or girl letter for levels 1-2, 3-4, 6-8-10, and 12-14-16. I hope this can be of help to someone!

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