Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another vowel blend freebie

Hey all! Hope everyone is having a fantastic looong weekend! It is so nice not to have to worry about getting up for school tomorrow. Love it!
Here are some little vowel blend sheet we are working on. We did one this past week and will do the other one this coming up week. I hope someone else can use them. Click on the picture to grab a PDF.
I also finish a little booklet for the American Symbols unit I'm teaching. It might be a little late for some of you that have already taught yours but maybe you can use it next year. I just uploaded it to my teaching shops. It is a 10 page non-fiction booklet teaching 6 National Symbols. It comes in color or black & white. If you do the b&w version your kiddos color, cut, and paste the picture into their booklet. There is a glossary and question and answer page too. It also comes with a writing activity on FREEDOM.
Here's the links to my shops. TpT or Teachers Notebook
I hope everyone enjoys their day off.
Happy President's Day!

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meadowt said...

I love the vowel blend worksheets!!! I am always looking for a different activity for my students to do during word work. BTW I am your newest follower