Thursday, May 15, 2014

volunteer gift

I found a darling idea on Pinterest for my volunteer moms.
They turned out pretty cute.
I found oven mitts at the dollar store for a dollar of course. Then all the kiddos signed them with colored Sharpies. 
We stuff them with gummy lifesavers, added a card and a bow.
Very easy, memorable, inexpensive, and useful!
If you'd like to download the card I made click HERE. There are a couple different versions.


Mrs. Griffith said...

Adorable! Wishing I wouldn't have bought my parent gifts already : (

Patty Rutenbar said...

Great, fun, easy, inexpensive, and useful all in one!

Barbara said...

That's really cute! I'm pinning:)

kinderexplorers said...

Have to tell you I just found your site via Pinterest (what else??). I am a kinder teacher in CO and you have some great ideas and activities that I plan to use for year's end and for next year. THANKS for all you freely share...awesome!

Julie said...

HI! I found you through Pinterest. I love this idea and the cards you added. I looked through your TPT store but didn't find them. Do you have these available for download somewhere?

Lisa Heisel said...

Cute idea!! Any chance you could add a link so we can download the card that goes along with it?

Sheree Peterson said...

Sorry it's taken me so long but I finally added the link to the card. There are 3 different versions. ENJOY!