Sunday, March 24, 2013

My District and a FREEBIE

First off, I want to thank everyone for the comments and emails on my last post about Go Math vs My Math. You guys are amazing! That is what is so fantastic about the internet and blogging. I can collaborate with people all over the country!! We had a HUGE parent meeting and several committee meetings last week and will make the final decision this week. Honestly, I think they are both excellent programs and we won't go wrong with either one because of the way our district lets us teach.

With that said here is a little background on my district- Alpine School District. We are the biggest district in Utah and on the top 10 list for being the biggest in the country (USA). We have over 70,800 students with 53 elementary schools. Our district leaders are GREAT at teaching us (the teachers) best practices, giving us excellent resources, exposing us to new research, in-service training with some of the best educators in the country, and then lets us teach the core the best way we see fit. So when it comes to a new math program, it will be another great resource we can pull from to teach the common core.

Okay, so now for the FREEBIE. I'm working on a new fraction packet which I hope to have up on my shops by next week. But here is a little sample from it. My kiddos picked up on fractions very quickly and it was fun to teach.
Click HERE to download a copy.
I will be back tomorrow to tell you all how I teach work study. I had a request from Jane to explain. Now that you know how our district operates, I'll explain how I'm able teach my wordwork.

Thanks everyone! Have a great week.


The Polished Teacher said...

Woah! What a huge district! That's crazy!

Thanks so much for the freebie!


Kelly said...

I love that your district has faith in their teachers to use the basals as they see fit. The district I work in wants us to use our math and reading series with fidelity. As my principal has said to me mant times, the district has made the basals the standards instead of using the basals as a supplement to teach the standards.
Thanks for the freebie, we need more work on fractions.

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